Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Twitter updates now blam their way onto this blog! Tweet, tweet against the dying of the light...

Making a poem in twitter is an idea more than one person has had, and is quite interesting as a durational kind of work, as well as the potential for creating a collaborative piece. If I had more time i might do it... not right now as there's another durational piece I'm working on but shhh ... it's under wraps for now.

In other news, my editor describes part 1 of my new collection as using repetition in a "surprising" way; is this Editorspeak for impenetrable / bad / hopeless / up-itself - or actually quite good? Or, surprising in a kind of "Gooo! jumping off the page at your face like a poodle crossed with a flea" kind of way ? The last I doubt as the poems aren't approaching any kind of the innovative page setups (or totally off-page status) they could be; they are floating in the mainstream with a wet nod to shock and surprise, easily towelled off.

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